For Families

Make Arrangements  

Spend 15 minutes in front of your computer and our guided questionnaire will help you arrange the perfect funeral service for you or your loved one.

No Visits to the funeral home

When dealing with preparing for the death of a friend or family member, the last thing on your mind should be finding a half day to spend with a funeral director.  We will help you spend more time with your loved one in their final moments instead of spending it at the funeral home

Pricing and ready to sign contracts

By competing our questionnaire you will receive an accurate and itemized contract that all you will need to do is sign in order to finalize services.  

For Funeral Homes

The current state of arranging needs improvement.  The process a large consumer of my hours in a given day.  There has to be a better way to utilize technology to help families make the necessary arrangements while saving the funeral director time.  

The solution is a completely customizable digital funeral arrangement that families can take from anywhere in the world.  It is designed to fit into any funeral home arrangement process.  The funeral director is given all the necessary information to provide draft contracts and estimated pricing.